Last chance to get tickets to Entrepreneur 5.0 Johannesburg

Last chance to get tickets to Entrepreneur 5.0 Johannesburg

This coming Friday Roger James Hamilton is back in Johannesburg with Entrepreneur 5.0. This event will provide massive value to the way you and your business can grow in the next decade.

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This event is going to change the way you think about your business and society as a whole. We are about to undergo the biggest revolution we have seen as we move out of the Information Society (4.0) and move into Society 5.0 in 2020.


This means as Entrepreneurs, we also need to be upgraded to be Entrepreneur 5.0 ready. Most Entrepreneurs are still using the old 4.0 and 3.0 business models even as we move into the 5.0 society and revolution.


During this event, Roger will be sharing exactly what Society 5.0 and Entrepreneur 5.0 looks like and how you can already be preparing yourself and your business by learning some of the key tools that successful Entrepreneurs around the world are already using.


You will learn the top 12 principles of the Entrepreneur 5.0 model, and see how to implement them into your current or new business.  Roger will also share case studies of current fast-growth companies that have already adopted this new model, and the impact they are having on the planet already.


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Who should be attending these events?


Attend Entrepreneur 5.0 if:


  • You are a new startup looking for a winning business model
  • You are a growing business seeking the latest cutting edge tools
  • You are an expanding team planning for rapid growth
  • You are an investor looking for the smartest investment opportunities
  • You are in a job searching for the best step to take next
  • If you want to be one step ahead of the coming disruptions and opportunities, this once-in-a-decade event is right for you.


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