What is more important for a company, being fast-growing or being long-lasting?

What is more important for a company, being fast-growing or being long-lasting?

The Top 5 Companies on this list are the longest lasting companies in the world

All five are in Japan:
1 > Kongo Gumi (Construction), founded 578AD – 1,441 years old
2 > Nishiyama Onsan Keiunkan (Hotel), founded 705AD – 1,314 years old
3 > Koman (Hotel), founded 717AD – 1,302 years old
4 > Hoshi Ryokan (Hotel), founded 718AD – 1,301 years old

5 > Genda Shigyo (Paper), founded 771AD – 1,248 years old


Not only are the World’s oldest companies from Japan, but the country also has close to 60% of all the world’s companies over 200 years old, and 50,000 companies over 100 years old. One of the key reasons for this is their concept of “Kaizen” – never-ending improvement. Improving what you have is valued over chasing the next new thing.

What does it take for a company to keep running, decades after decades, for hundreds of years? How many technological changes did they have to adapt and utilize in order to keep up with the ever-changing world? Seems almost impossible, yet clearly, it can be done.

Do you know how?



At Entrepreneur 5.0 in Johannesburg, Roger Hamilton will be talking about this very concept of upgrading your business to keep pace with changing technology. In the last decade, the world has seen exponential growth for every type of technology, and that growth is going to continue through the next decade. Being ready for 2020 means thinking 10 years ahead, at how you and your company will adapt and grow using all the different technological tools that are becoming available.


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The world is moving forward from Society 4.0, the Information Society, to Society 5.0. In Society 4.0, technology has increased to where most people can access any information online at any time. In Society 5.0, this information that is currently accessible will be seamlessly integrated with everyday life, adding a digital layer to the world. Utilizing this digital layer will allow businesses to accelerate their growth and impact, but only if they can adjust with the changing times.
Come to Entrepreneur 5.0 and you can learn how to prepare for this new era. The methods that have been successful in the past decade might not be the most effective methods in the years to come, as more and more new innovations become standard in everyday life. Looking ahead and adapting with technology will be the key difference between companies that succeed and prosper, and those that don’t. Which one will your company be?


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